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posted January 23, 2017

Rodz n Relics Car Club Inc Toolbox Bar-B-Que Raffle winner Sandra Powell, drawn at the Rodz n Relics Car Show on July 23,2016.

posted January 16, 2017

A donation to Mattie’s for all to watch

posted January 16, 2017

Special thank you to our sponsors!

posted January 16, 2017

Thank you Harvey and everyone else at Rodz N’Relics Inc for the generous donation of $500 to the Melville & District Food Bank. Harvey put me to the challenge to see how much I could purchase with this money.

I purchased 105 pop tarts, 7 pks red rose tea, 7 pks Lipton pyramid tea, 47 jars smackers jam, 3 iams food, 28 pks werthers originals, 14 Pam spray, 9 jars bick pickles, 16 boxes Kraft dinner, 48 bottles Heinz ketchup, 42 Kraft salad dressing, 6 Orville redenbacher’s, 17 dawn detergent, 12 ziploc, 12 Robin Hood flour, 144 green giant vegetables, 72 carnation milk, 14 corn pop cereal, 2 mini wheat cereal, 14 Rice Krispies cereal

Total was $425.55. Retail value $2,056.79. Next Saturday I will be shopping again. I won’t be doing this for all of the money we get in as it takes a lot of work to break it all down as we are extremely busy but I do appreciate what everyone is doing to support us at the foodbank. Thank you all so much again. C. Gorecki Melville & District Food Bank

posted November 26, 2016

Thank you everyone that came out to our Christmas Party and Meeting at Highway 10 Restaurant in Melville. We had a fantastic meal and a great time!

Congratulations to our new President Norman Konechny, Vice President Aldon Schick, Secretary/Treasurer Howard Pankoski.

Thank you Jodi Sawa President, Howard Pankoski Vice President, for your hard work last year. Harvey Kormos Secretary, Mark Johnson Treasurer for all of your hard work the last two years, you guys go the extra mile!

Congratulations to Mrs. Beutel, Norman Konechny, Randy Rhines for winning the door prizes!

posted August 22, 2016

A&W Burgers to Beat MS Day
THURSDAY, August 25th
Melville A&W

Get a Teen Burger and help end MS at A&W! Bring out your Classic Car for the Car Show! Prizes and Draws will be made! Entertainment by JAMES JIMBO BETTS 6:30-8pm! A&W ROOT BEAR 6:30-7pm! See you there…Ba-Dum, Ba-Dum!!

posted June 27, 2016


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posted June 10, 2016

Rodz N Relics Father’s Day Car Show N Shine with the Melville Mil’s Ball Team

12pm – 2pm
Pirie Field Regional Park

posted May 24, 2016


Saturday, July 23, 2016 1pm – 5pm
Dance at 9pm
Merv Moore Complex – Melville SK
Corner of Queen Street & Second Avenue
Indoors & Outdoors


posted April 15, 2016

Thank you very much to everyone that came out to the meeting tonight.

Thank you to Wayne Balaberda President for the past year. Congratulations to Jordi Sawa our new President, Howard Pankoski, Vice President, Mark Johnson, Treasure, Harvey Kormos, Secretary.